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As You Go

Set for Release in 2019.

This was one of a few surviving photos on an old disposable camera. I must have been about nine years old at the time. My parents bought some land and before we even built on it, we would go hang out on the dock and just think about living there, on the water, able to jump in whenever we wanted.

Poreuthentes is the Greek word for "go" as it is used in the great commission. However, it is better translated to "as you go" in that it isn't about the action of going to a certain place. It is more about the process of going; what is already happening now and will continue to happen.

We never built the house, and we eventually sold the land, but this moment was about so much more than the imaginary house that was floating somewhere in the future. It was a perfect afternoon. I specifically remember mom's jean overall dress, and dad fishing (I prayed for the poor worms).

I'm learning to enjoy the process more than the product. I'm letting go of perfectionism a bit at a time. I'm allowing myself to love the journey (even the unlovable parts).

I hope the same for you, as you go.


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